IP Telephonyby 3CX

Stall and stay

connected to your customers.

IP Telephony or VOIP Telephony

is the way of telephony

of companies.

It uses Internet (IP = Internet Protocol)
and allows you to communicate via any phone
or computer, everywhere you are.


You control all your numbers in order to switch them or manage them from
any terminal. You keep in touch with your customers without being
physically connected to your company’s switchboard.

  • You bring together and simplify all communications by making them converge on the same network : telephone, video, web conferences, fax, pc…
  • You write off your long-distance
  • You gain in functionalities : customers files, chat, click to call, link to your CRM, intuitive interface, etc. You make it a real communication solution !

IP Téléphony

  • Videoconferencing
  • Computer Telephony coupling
  • 100% of mobility

I want more calls, but less phones

My IP Telephony

Follow us,

we explain you everything !

Imagine you being on the phone with a customer, and in addition you are late to meet another one… Click. You transfer the call on your mobile phone without interruption, you continue your conversation when you leave the office, get in the car without your interlocutor realizing it.

Easy, isn’t it ?

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Many features

coupled with the computer system

VOIP telephony follows you everywhere you are.
How does it work ?

The information is digitized and routed by Internet like any other data.
You can also catch it via classic phone, but also via a computer, tablet equipped with a microphone system.

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How does

this simplify your daily life ?

Teleworking or in your company

You control phone numbers and switch them
to any terminal, phone or informatic anywhere you find an
Internet connection.

You can as easily keep your landline phones, as replace them completely
by telephone headsets.

  • alls managed from Outlook or your CRM to pool customer files : from when
    a customer calls you, its customer file and key data appear on your screen.
  • Click to call : you call via your computer from a web page or your CRM,
    like with a cell phone.

You simplify internal collaborations and meetings

  • Un chat intégré 3CX.
  • Des visio et web conférences menées en interne ou avec vos clients partout dans le
    monde, via n’importe quel navigateur, sans logiciel, ni plug-in ni coûts supplémentaires et
    en haute qualité.

A matter of simplicity

Fonctionnalités d’attente paramétrées (service commercial, sélection d’un service dans
votre entreprise, etc.)

I want more calls, but less phones

My IP Telephony