Fiberto the office

A dedicated network where others don’t connect you

The access of optical fiber for

companies is the new

very high-speed standard.

Whatever your activity,

it offers you a connection faster than a classic connection.

  • Either via a shared fiber as national access providers offer you.
  • Either via a dedicated fiber with an exclusive access and a junction reserved to your

As we offer it to you at Roverba.

Optical Fiber

  • Very high symmetrical flow
  • A dedicated connection,
  • Roverba customer service

I want a dedicated fiber, but money doesn’t grown on trees !

My fiber connection


choose a dedicated Roverba fiber ?

Being eligible

And connected to areas where other suppliers don’t offer fiber. We are access providers and
fiber Internet operators, registered at ARCEP.

Guaranteed flow

Powerful, symmetrical with a low latency.

Roverba customer service quality

With a technician always at your service.

The security of your connection via VPN

To protect your sensitive data and hide your online identity. But also, the permanent
monitoring of your fiber and possible data leaks with a high-proximity Roverba service.

With us, you can matter on a dedicated and non-shared connection, a (true) guarantee of
service and recovery in case of cut, and not only a guarantee of intervention without effect.
And especially no robot behind a hotline, a Roverba qualified technician (a human, a real !),
who knows you with a direct telephone number, and none “your waiting time is estimated

I want more security, but less hassle.

My fiber connection

FTTO bandwidth

FTTO is the acronym of Fiber To The Office, so a dedicated and connected fiber directly to
your company. It is what we focus on, at Roverba.

A connection from the NRO point directly to your buildings with an infrastructure reserved for
you, a dedicated, guaranteed, and symmetrical flow. A completely personalized access to

More secure external backup

One of the most important condition to secure the transfer of your external backups is the
quality and safety of your transfer medium. In other words, the fiber.

With a reliable Roverba support, you are in complete security to back up your data externally,
at Roverba or any other provider.

But we admit it, we prefer to know you with us… If you want to optimize the digital security of
your business, pooling Cloud services and Roverba dedicated fiber not only offer you optimal
security, but also a complete service Roverba.

No more technical problems will be your responsibility, and a single interlocutor will be able
to answer all your needs.

I want a dedicated fiber subscription.

My fiber connection