The private cloud(super)Secure


safely everywhere you are

The secured private Cloud

is the solution for secured,

simplify access to your business data

with a maximum of security.

For more than 10 years, we ensure
and keep your data ,
with infinite precaution.

We lean nothing to chance ! …
Roverba is a strategy of computer monitoring associated
with audit plan and security advice.

Welcome in our fortress…

Your Roverba Private and Secure Cloud protects your data by bringing them together in one digital place accessible remotely. The access is encrypted by a VPN for a high level of security.

  • A Cloud Company which allows you to work from any computer, remotely and conserving your work environment.
  • You control your softwares, your software tools, your data, your access, your shared files, or even your collaborative solutions…
    As if you were sitting at your desk and without worrying about anything. Simple isn’t it ?

Private Cloud

  • – Remotely and simple access, ultra-secure cloud.
  • Triple backup redundancy.
  • 100% French data hosting.


data availability rate

And 0,5% annual essential maintenance…
If you count right, it’s just time to flow your morning coffees !


of availability Roverba

Cloud service controlled by your duo of technicians, at your disposal all the time.


to work everywhere

from any computer and everytime.

I want more security, but less hassle.

My cloud


high level of


Every day, we examine attacks attempts on your computer system.
They are even automated.
Your computers, your softwares, your professional or private data…
everything is exposed.

Therefore, we have deployed a complex and dense architecture to counter all digital attacks.


your data are (much)

better kept with us ?

Question of cost and technology

Deploy a backup infrastructure to your data incorporating a dedicated business continuity or recovery plan is as expensive as complex.
To deploy a cloud solution in your business, you will have to manage and invest in a technical installation, dedicate a storage space, a server, a physical space, a ventilation system, guarding, data replication technology and mitigate the risk of physical attacks on the premises…

Why is a subscription to an external service ultimately cheapest ?
For us, subscription rhymes with modularity, adaptability, and savings.
We suggest you get out of a “fixed” system, which you will have to amortize after purchase
for several years without the possibility of change…to switch to a system which
adapts to your needs, to the number of employees present at each moment.

  • – We adjust the size of your space according to the resources your business needs.
  • You dispose the latest technologies and updates.
  • You have no commitment.

Concretely, you remove complex calculations on total costs
CTO acquisition and other depreciation. You save money by switching from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model.

Question of performance

We host your data in a super digital safe in France. A very (very) secure storage space where we have installed specialized technology of hyper-convergence (and we are proud to have been among the first hosting provider in France in 2017, to be visionary).

Our servers are all redundant 3 times, powered by NUTANIX, one of the leaders
hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and safeguard by VEEAM, subject matter expert.
You are also protected by a new generation firewall. A dynamic solution
able to adapt to the threat ; the UTM STORMSHIELD selected by the French Ministries of Interior and Defense, also recommended by ANSSI.

Our Roverba Secure Private Cloud system :

  • ernational safety certification EAL4 + for UTM STORMSHIELD.
  • – Compatible with ANSSI recommendation.
  • – Currently in progress of the ISO 27001 standard.
  • Registered at AFNOR.

Question of simplicity

Our work team are at your service daily. You no longer manage
any technical logistics. Especially, we mobilize a duo of warriors in
charge of your business. Thus, one of them will be available for you.
In other words, you will never have to deal with a robotic hotline, and always with your
Roverba Team who will know your business and will master the subject.

I want more security, but less hassle.

My cloud


operate my virtual space ?

Exactly as it works today on your computer.

We replicate all your informatics tools and your office softwares.

Why your space is virtual ?
You access to the image of your data and applications, not the data stored.

You connect by VPN in a secure space and via any super high-speed connection, from anywhere in the world and on any computer.

Public Cloud versus Private Cloud…

What a difference ?

Claim that private cloud is more secure than a public cloud would be wrong.

The real difference keeps in the attention we pay to your data, and the interest you keep in restraint of your costs.

  • A stronger monitoring with a stronger skill of the technique (while you will have to manage your public cloud), a Roverba operator is directly available in the event of a problem… Or even, a Roverba operator informed before you of the slightest problem.
  • Foreseeable cost : the sizing of your tool is done with the secure and private cloud of Roverba
    the sizing of your tool is done with the secure and private cloud of
    Roverba depending on your needs : server size, memory, storage, processor, etc. Our cost will be fixed while that of a public cloud will be linked to the consumption of your resources, which is variable.

The little ones
and the big ones +

  • Unlimited storage,
  • Flexible, adaptable and without engagement subscription,
  • Secure audit on local system,
  • Security EAL4+ / TIER3,
  • Synchronization and securing of smartphones,
  • Symmetrical guaranteed flow bandwidth,
  • Antivirus protection / antispam,
  • Outsourcing contract included : user creation, management of access security to different directories, management of access times, maintenance, etc.

Many Roverba services reserved for our customers complete this non-exhaustive list.

I want more security, but less hassle.

My cloud