Working from anywhere

has never been so easy

and efficient for your business.

Did you


this year ?

If yes, you may noticed that it is not easy to work wherever you are.

Access easily to relevant files, softwares and your implements, all this with connected desk phone, your data perfectly secured and the necessary work environment to be effective ?

It is possible, with a secure and customised private cloud, IP telephony and dedicated professional fiber ‘subscription which make your work easier, without constraint and a high level of security.

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The private cloud

Maximum (Secured)

Because of the threat of digital attacks has never been stronger and the need to work freely so present.

With us, your data are (very) well-guarded. They are even
much safer than in your company !

We developed a cloud infrastructure 100% Roverba, high level of security, with servers hosted in France, thrice duplicate, which allow you to work with restful mind
and without technical constraint everywhere you are.

I want more security, but less hassle.

My cloud


IP Telephony by 3CX

Because today, you are not necessarily at your office to answer the phone.

You need more than ever to stay connected to your customers.

With our Roverba option of VoIP telephony incorporated into your system : your call, manage contact card, chatter, organize web conference, stall and win fluidity in your communication.

I want more calls, but without phones.

My telephony

Internet Fiber

for business

Because you need a (really) reliable connection, that you don’t want to suffer any cut, and especially inaccessible hotline’s wait

We executed everything we could to become Internet service provider. We offer fiber connection faster, a dedicated network where others don’t connect you, and mainly the quality of service made by Roverba. Always available and ready to help you !

I want a dedicated fiber, but money doesn’t grow on trees !

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